lundi 26 septembre 2011

Le moment

- The moment you stay in the garden until the very last minute of daylight, smoking a pipe, and you wish the sun would stay 10 more minutes
- The moment you thought that would never happen, when your garden is tidier than your home
- The moment you wake up in the morning and you look outside with a mug of coffee and you see the squirrel already stealing the nuts from your nut tree
- The moment a plant pops up where you never expected like a tulip in the middle of a mixed border and you never put it there and it's fabby because it's totally random
- The moment you dig in a very dry corner and a sleeping salamandre appears in the ground, so beautiful
- The moment you get invaded by a plant, wheter euphorbia or symphytum, and you surrender, saying "OK, you want all the space, take it!"
- The moment you pull bad weeds on the terrace and you tear a self seeding rare plant, shiiiit
- The moment a bluetit keep on knocking on the window pane and it annoys you, what a fucking liberty
- The moment in september when butterflies go bonkers on sedums
- The moment in winters when all the big rocks stand out and overshade anything else
- The moment you wish you had a little stream
- The moment everything gets windy and rainy and dark in september and everybody is depressed except you because you live in nature
- The moment the weasel comes in your attick at midnight every night to play and stay the night or go hunting
- The moment you stay in the garden and enjoy and wonder why a boy is not at your side
- The moment you wish you had MDMA and go crazy with the cows
- The moment you develop a new theory : people nowadays are so obsessed with music because they lost touch with fucking nature
- The moment you have to give friends lots of plants and fruits because you have way too many of them
- The moment you realize a special plant will never be happy in your garden no matter hard you try and you have to accept it
- The moment birds all go quiet in the middle of august
- The moment you discover you could more or less write about gardening in English
- The moment just before dusk when little bats fly around the house
- The moment when you hate mowing but it has to be done
- The moment you wonder if you could have sex outside again
- The moment good friends make blackberry jam in the kitchen
- The moment you step outside at night in the winter in freezing cold with a planket on your shoulders to stare at the moon & stars before going to bed
- The moment when lightning strikes!
- The moment you wish you had noted everything you do in the garden just like you used to
- The moment you put on Veneer or Monolake "Gobi The Desert" and it's like the nature outside
- The moment you're so excited because you're going to devote a full day stealing wild plants in the fields or the side of the road to plant them in your own garden
- The moment in june when crickets make so much noise in the lawn that you believe it's coming from the TV
- The moment friends arrive for the week-end and they crash on the iron bed outside for the longest nap ever
- The moment howls shout at each other just outside your house on the big pine tree
- The moment an English shamen gay friend tells you holws are doing exactly the same thing around his own house!
- The moment you leave home to go to Paris and you wish you could stay
- The moment you spend turning the compost upside down and it kills your back
- The moment you think you should have done a totally different garden and you shrug the idea because what U did was inevitable
- The moment the FedEx man congrats you for the garden
- The moment the good wind cleans it all
- The moment you start the fire outside to burn all the bad weeds and stuff you can't put in the compost and it smells so good
- The moment some apple falls on you and ouch that was not necessary
- The moment Tumblr gave you the idea for this piece
- The moment something in the light of the day reconnects you with the kid you were growing in a farm
- The moment you're thankful for what you've got
- The moment when crows go East
- The moment church bells ring in the village of the valley
- The moment everything stands still

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fille de Pau a dit…

J'apprécie beaucoup la dimension spirituelle de ce texte, en ce sens que, dans la mystique chrétienne, le royaume du ciel est au-dedans du "coeur" (et non là-haut au-delà des nuages);
de même que dans les traditions orientales, l'expérience de l'éveil de la conscience survient au "coeur" de l'instant présent.
Moments exquis

made in japan a dit…

Sur ce pont suspendu
nos vies s'enroulent
aux sarments de lierre

(Basho 17ème siècle)

xgatitox a dit…

hello Didier... joli texte. ca fait tellement longtemps qu'on ne s'est pas vu. Trop surement... on parle de livres ici:

bises. ivan smagghe.
Ps: si tu es tente d'ecrire sur des bouquins:

AMG909 a dit…

at that time, when we all close our eyes lid. when the tide of life is still rushing somewhere. when we say shit or fuck and try to pass it on. under cover. behind closed doors like others. I wake up and realize it was all a dream dream come true.

Didier Lestrade a dit…

Ivan quel honneur tu me fais d'être ici. Bien sûr j'écrirai sur des livres, I would do anything for you. Let me think on it. bises

Didier Lestrade a dit…

et merci pour les autres aussi bien sûr